My Story

My first year working from home May 1996

20 years later

Recently I've been able to upgrade my health and wellness while at the same time helping others see the benefits and started to earn a phenomenal monthly residual income to create a FREEDOM with my family and friends which is simply amazing!

I am deeply thankful and blessed to have this opportunity.

FREEDOM is like...
- Not having a job to report to every morning
- Not having a boss telling you what and when to do it
- Being able to travel whenever you want
- Being able to spend as much time with your family
- Being able to volunteer your time to worthy causes

At the end of the day, everything that we have mentioned above is within our own grasp. It all started with making the decision and taking the first step. Then, let our system take over and do the work for you. 

Here is my story...

After living on two continents and traveling the world, playing professional baseball, and searching for the ideal business that combines flexibility and freedom, integrity, and opportunity, Chris Cannon found his home base, happiness, and success in Network Marketing Industry. A top producer for whose growing team has helped change their lives and enjoy better health, Chris lives in Hawaii with his family where he enjoys his “dream job – a company that offers unlimited growth opportunities, the freedom to spend time with family and the ability to change lives.” Born in Sarasota, Florida, Chris spent almost half of his life in Japan, cultivating a love for adventure and baseball, before finding network marketing as well as independence, flexibility, and professional success in Neogenics.

After meeting with owners and executives, Chris offered a few samples to family and friends – who were clamoring for more within a week: “That’s when I knew this was something special. Since that time, I have literally seen people’s health and lives changed dramatically for the better. And as we all know, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, where you live or what you do if you don’t have your health. I truly believe good health is the key to a happy life.”

“As committed as I am to my family, I also consider the company a family – both the organization and my team,” he says. “The company gave my family the opportunity to have it all and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

"As a full-time network marketer now for over 25 years, I've had the opportunity of meeting a lot of people during that time. One of them who for sure has left an indelible impression with me is Chris Cannon. I've known Chris now for well over 14 years. When it comes to understanding this profession at all levels, Chris gets it. He is a perpetual student of success and has created great successes not only for himself but for the large numbers of people he has led over the years on his team. If you get a chance to work with Chris…or better yet, call him a friend, you'll be a blessed person. He's very cool, a man of integrity…and just straight out gets it when it comes to network marketing."


- Todd Falcone, Author, Speaker and Coach

“Chris Cannon is a leader and a producer in Network Marketing who really cares about people. The people who choose to work with Chris, find they have a true partner in business. I’ve known Chris Cannon for over 15 years now, and value his leadership, his caring, and his enthusiasm for life.”

- Bob Schwartz, Publisher of Home Business Advertiser Magazine

"I have known Chris for over a dozen years as I worked with him consistently as a co-host of a Japanese TV program that was filmed in Hawaii. We spent countless hours together through fun times and long challenging days, and as a result, got to know each other well. Chris is an amazing person and is just getting more awesome by the year! His spirit, his enthusiasm, and his vision are inspiring. To see what he has done with his life by following his heart, and being of service to others is a testament to what is possible for anyone. I remember him telling me that he likes to help people and that one day he wants to be financially abundant, and make a difference in people's lives. He has made his vision a reality, setting an example that is inspirational to all of us."

- Alice Inoue, Life Guide, and Happiness Expert, Founder of Happiness U

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