"Let's Build Our

Future Together!"

- Chris Cannon 



After living on two continents and traveling the world, playing professional baseball, and searching for the ideal business that combines flexibility and freedom, integrity, and opportunity, Chris Cannon found his home base, happiness, and success in Network Marketing Industry. A top producer for APLGO whose growing team has helped change their lives and enjoy better health, Chris lives in Hawaii with his family where he enjoys his “dream job – a company that offers unlimited growth opportunities, the freedom to spend time with family, and the ability to change lives.” Born in Sarasota, Florida, Chris spent almost half of his life in Japan, cultivating a love for adventure and baseball, before finding network marketing as well as independence, flexibility, and professional success in the Network Marketing industry.

After meeting with the owner and team leaders of APLGO, Chris offered a few samples of APLGO products to family and friends – who were clamoring for more within a week...




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